We worked with top local contractors to identify and stock the correct materials for six of the primary moulding options found in Seattle’s neighborhoods. Visit one of our moulding showrooms to discover the right fit for you.

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Bathroom Moulding And Trim

When considering bathroom moulding look for a plastic or wood moulding—they’ll hold up best in a damp environment. Choose a baseboard that will work next to your bathtub or shower pan, and incorporate a regular maintenance cycle. Wainscoting will protect the drywall from moisture and add elegance and style.

We’re proud to carry the highest quality products from: Metrie & WindsorONE

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Moulding is worth experiencing firsthand. Visit our Bellevue moulding showroom, where you can chat with an experienced team member and tour six different architectural styles to see how they uniquely complement floors, walls, windows and doors.