Shipping Policy At Dunn Lumber we have a wide variety of products, in a very wide range of sizes and weights. Because of this we offer several ways for you to take possession of the merchandise you purchase from us.

Basically, we offer 5 "delivery" options. However, the particular options you will have to choose from will vary, depending on:

  • the size, weight, or flammability of the good(s)

  • where your delivery location is

For everything we offer on our web site, the following options are available:

  • In-store pickup - Also known as Will Call. You come to one of our stores and pick up your merchandise.

  • Local delivery – With the word “local” meaning a location in the Seattle, WA metropolitan area. See map

  • Not so local delivery – Depending on the details, we can arrange transport of just about anything to just about everywhere, as long as the cost makes sense for you.

For smaller items only (typically not lumber, 4’x 8’ sheets of material, and the like), we also offer:

  • UPS small package delivery service – For items that are within UPS’s size, weight, and other guidelines and restrictions.

  • US Postal Service Priority Mail – Also for small items. We use USPS under certain circumstances when UPS is not the best choice.

Brief Overview Of Each Method Will Call / In-Store Pickup

You may order anything you wish using our web site, then select the “Will Call” option during the checkout process. Selecting the Will Call option will cause another menu to appear, and using it you may specify which one of our Seattle area stores you would like to visit. When choosing this option you will be contacted by a sales team member from your chosen location to confirm your order and set a pick-up time. Of course, there is no charge to you when you select this option.

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Local Delivery – Only $40

Dunn Lumber proudly offers to deliver merchandise within our local delivery area.

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Not So Local Delivery

If you need a quantity of lumber or other materials delivered outside of the greater Seattle metropolitan area, we can arrange that for you. Give us a call at 800-248-3866 to discuss transportation costs and schedules for your order.

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Small Package Shipping

United Parcel Service (UPS) is the leader in small package delivery. This can be a great solution, as long as your order constitutes a small package, or packages. Small packages can in theory weigh up to 150 lbs., be up to 108” long, etc., as long a certain detailed criteria are met. More information about this is given below. Be sure to remember that the point of origin for a UPS shipment will be Seattle, so you will want to factor that in when calculating how long it will take for your order to arrive at your location.

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Delivery and Shipping Details Will Call / In Store Pick-Up

You can place an order on our web site and pick up your merchandise at any Dunn Lumber store.

You may order anything you wish using our web site, then select the “Will Call” option during the checkout process.

Selecting the Will Call option will cause another menu to appear. Using it you may specify which one of our Seattle area stores you would like to visit. Once you complete your order, you will be contacted within 60 minutes (during our posted business hours) by a Dunn team member from the selected location to confirm stock availability, and lead times for items not on hand. Since not all of our stores stock all items, we want to assure the items you want are on hand when you arrive.

Of course, there is no charge to you when you go this route.

Local Delivery – Only $40

Dunn Lumber will deliver your purchased merchandise to any location within our Local Delivery Area. Our Local Delivery Area is roughly centered on the Seattle, WA, USA metropolitan area.

The charge for our Local Delivery Service is only $40. We are proud to offer this reasonably priced service to our local customers. We have a diverse and capable fleet of specially outfitted trucks, and employ professional drivers to whom we give industry-specific training. Our trucks are outfitted with GPS navigation systems, and we employ an experienced team of dispatchers who tightly manage the movements of our fleet. Our goals are to maximize our reliability, minimize our fuel consumption, and keep our environmental impact to a minimum.

In addition, if you have an unusual or challenging situation, we can coordinate with local freight forwarding companies and heavy equipment service providers to meet your specific jobsite needs.

Not So Local Delivery

If you need materials delivered to locations outside of our local delivery area, don’t worry. In most cases we can make the necessary arrangements for you. We can deliver (or arrange for others to deliver) to almost any location in Washington State. We can also arrange for shipping to pretty much anywhere in the Lower 48 states, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Rim. Be sure to plan in advance, and allow sufficient lead times, as long distance transportation of building materials can take some time to arrange and execute.

If your delivery location is outside our local delivery area, go ahead and complete your order, selecting the “Delivered” option. Then call us at 800-248-3866 to discuss transportation costs and schedules for your order.

Small Package Shipping When It Comes To Small Packages, Where Do We Ship?

United States

We ship small packages to pretty much any address in the United States. We use United Parcel Service as our primary small package carrier, and offer all of their standard ground and air services. We can also arrange common carrier delivery, if that better suits the situation. Please note that Dunn Lumber Co. reserves the right to utilize alternate means to deliver product, including U.S. Mail service, when appropriate. Minimum shipping and handling fees are built into our shipping costs and will be charged regardless of shipping method utilized.

Outside the US (this includes Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, etc.)

Customers living outside the 50 United States and Canada will need to call us at 800-248-3866 to place an order. We can get it to you, but we need to cover a number of extra details with you before we process your order.

The total order price will include shipping costs, but will not include any duties, taxes, etc. Duties, taxes, etc. are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Small Package Shipping Options

All orders require processing time, which varies depending on the good(s). The time it takes to receive your order is the combination of this processing time and the shipping time for the shipping option selected at check-out.

We currently offer an assortment of UPS shipping options:

  • Ground - 1 to 5 business days (after processing time)

  • Three-Day Select - 3 business days (after processing time)

  • Second Day Air – 2 business days (after processing time)

  • Next Day Air Saver – Next business day, typically by 3:00 PM (after processing time)

  • Next Day Air Early A.M. – Next business day as early as 8:00 AM (after processing time)

  • Next Day Air – Next business day, typically by 10:30 AM (after processing time)

Other Details Regarding ShippingBackorders

We try not to back-order our customers very often. But it does sometimes happen. If we do have to split your order into two or more shipments because of a backorder, we will not charge you any additional shipping fees.

Split Shipments

Speaking of splitting shipments, it isn’t too unusual for a single order (that contains multiple items) to be sent to you from multiple locations. If we are out of an item at one of our locations, chances are we have it somewhere else. So rather than make you wait, we’ll ship it from the nearest yard that has the item in stock.

At Dunn Lumber we stock most of the best selling items we offer. But in order to offer you the widest possible selection, we do also show items that we don’t stock ourselves, but are stocked by our supplier partners. This does mean that we often will ship your merchandise to you from more than one warehouse. However, your overall freight charge will not be any higher in these cases.

Order Confirmations

You will receive an order confirmation via e-mail as soon as you place your order with us. You will receive a shipping confirmation, again via e-mail, once your order has shipped. Please keep a copy of these documents, in case you need to refer to the order number or other information at a later time.


Your card will not be charged until Goods are shipped or picked up. If the materials are sent/picked up on different dates, or shipped in multiple packages, you may see multiple transactions equalling the initial agreed upon transaction amount.

PO Boxes

We offer shipping to PO Boxes through the US Postal Service as UPS will not deliver to a PO Box. Using UPS is also a useful option in other circumstances as well. If possible, we encourage you to enter a street address to increase your shipping options.

  • Orders being sent to a PO Box are offered the Standard Business Day delivery option only.

  • Any order that weighs more than 70 lbs. or exceeds certain dimensions cannot be delivered to a PO Box.

Flammable Items

Flammable items can not be shipped on an airplane, so a ground shipping method is required to deliver them.

If you have questions about any of our delivery options or capabilities, contact our Customer Service Department, or call the Dunn Lumber location nearest you.

Effective Date

Last updated November 28, 2017