Common Web Sales Questions and Answers

  • When will I hear from web sales?

    For orders placed during regular business hours, our Web Sales team will do their best to get in touch with you within two hours. For orders placed after regular business hours, Web Sales will contact you by 10 a.m. the next business day (excluding weekends). You don't have to wait, you can call Web Sales at 866-440-4454 to confirm your order. Web Sales hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Pacific Time.

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  • Why is my delivery showing at your shoreline store?

    Our Shoreline location is the home yard for our Web Sales team. Once the order has been confirmed and scheduled, our Central Dispatch routes the delivery to the correct yard or its delivery destination.

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  • Why can't I choose a date for my delivery?

    Dunn Lumber schedules our local delivery trucks on a first-come-first-serve basis. This may require several days of lead time depending on current availability. The Web Sales team reviews orders as they arrive and will contact you to confirm product availability and finalize order details.

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  • Why am I unable to get my order on the date given by the website?

    All dates given on the site are estimates. Our Web Sales team reviews every order to confirm product availability and will contact you with details of your order such as will call pick up times or delivery dates.

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  • Why do I need to confirm my order with the web sales team?

    Our Web Sales team coordinate website product between our nine Seattle-area locations so that your order is complete and available for pick up at the Dunn Lumber location that is most convenient for you. We also ask that you confirm delivery orders with our Web Sales team so that we can verify details such as delivery address, product availability, and delivery scheduling.

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  • There was a charge on my card but now it is gone. Am I still getting my order?

    Yes. For web orders, Dunn Lumber does not charge your card until the order is invoiced after pick up or delivery. Authorization holds appear as a temporary charge on the account linked to your card but typically end within three days. Occasionally, an authorization hold may remain for a longer period if product is in transit or a delivery is pending. All card transactions and authorization holds remain secure within our system and apply to your order even if the authorization hold ends.

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  • I removed a product on my order but am not able to get a refund. What is going on?

    All web orders issue an authorization hold up to the total of your order. Any charged amount less than the total authorization will not be debited from the card. For example, if your original total was $100 and Dunn Lumber refunded a $25 item, the invoice will reflect the new total of $75.

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  • I would like to add product to my order. Can you just charge my card again?

    Any additional charge (such as additional product or delivery fees) over your pre-authorized total requires the customer to complete a new transaction for additional items or services.

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  • What if my merchandise arrives damaged?

    Upon delivery, inspect the order for completeness and/or any damage. Installation should not be scheduled until the order is complete. Do not install damaged materials without approval from your sales person. Labor to remove and replace damaged materials after installation is not covered by Dunn Lumber Co. or associated warranties. Replacement materials, if needed, are subject to normal lead times.

  • Are there any delivery restrictions?

    Local Deliveries:

    • Deliveries are Monday – Friday only, between 7am – 7pm per local noise and construction ordinances.

    • Standard local curbside delivery starts at only $40.

    • Prices for outlying areas and special considerations are quoted by dispatch prior to delivery.

    • It’s the driver’s discretion to decline the delivery if reasoned unsafe, illegal or unfit.

    • Dunn Lumber Co. does not drive our vehicles over lawns or other surfaces which could be damaged as a result.

    • Site must have legal access on public roads without need of flagging, signage or traffic control.

    • Typical truck size is 30 ft long, height 13’6 ft .

    • Items approved for delivery via Dunn Lumber trucking and delivery services:

      • Lumber

      • Doors

      • Windows

      • Plywood

      • Drywall and drywall related materials

      • Concrete and Masonry Items

      • Hazardous or flammable items

      • Sundry products

      • Most special orders (ask your sales-person)

    • Due to the number and nature of our deliveries we do not offer specific delivery times.

    • There must be a safe entrance in/out of the jobsite for the delivery vehicle. 

    3rd Party Carriers

    • Items available for shipping via UPS or other delivery means are subject to US Shipping laws and regulations.

    • Delivery times and shipping methods for 3rd Party Carriers are not controlled by Dunn Lumber Company.

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