Overview of Estimating Service

Since 2002, our estimating department has been serving the needs of homeowners and contractors; from reviewing plans and site requirements to developing material lists. This fee-based service can include materials such as lumber packages, plan-view structural hardware, engineered floor systems, trusses, roof framing packages, siding and exterior trim. We can also connect you with Dunn Lumber product specialists that can assist you with the window, cabinet, and door needs for your project.

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Blueprint Takeoff Services

Plan takeoff services are provided at a fee based on the size and complexity of your project. Fees for estimating services are charged at $.20 per square foot with a $150 minimum. If you purchase the complete list of estimated materials from Dunn Lumber, we will credit the fee back to you. To get started, click here to contact a Dunn Lumber representative. They will let you know the options for submitting your plans, as well as process your payment to get things started.

Project advice for cabinets, windows, doors, and decks

You can make an appointment at one of our specialty showrooms, or simply stop in for a general appointment for any project you might need help with.

Free appointments are available for projects related to cabinets, windows, doors, and decks.

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