The Step-Clip™ for Kebony Hidden Deck Fastening System


"Today, we’re welcoming our friend, Ben Roberts, the US marketing director for Kebony, to the blog to discuss a new kind of decking system: Step-Clip for Kebony."

Jim Coshow

The Step-Clip™ for Kebony Hidden Deck Fastening System

Today, we’re welcoming our friend, Ben Roberts, the US marketing director for Kebony, to the blog to discuss a new kind of decking system: Step-Clip for Kebony. With Step-Clip for Kebony, you can install a brand new deck with much less labor than other systems. Take it away, Ben!

We know that the time, effort, and cost involved with installation can often cause deck projects to stall or go over budget. Thankfully, there are fastening solutions that go beyond traditional methods, and one of those is Step-Clip™ for Kebony: a new, hidden fastener system from Duralife® that speeds up and simplifies the installation of your Kebony surface decking system.

What is Kebony?

Kebony is an eco-friendly, modified wood made from pine that has been infused with a bio-based liquid and heated. This process transforms the pine into Kebony, which provides more durable and stable decking and cladding products. Kebony currently comes in two grades: Clear (uniform color and no knots in the grain) and Character (strong and knotty grain). Kebony decking comes in the Clear grade and has a grooved profile design to fit several types of fastening systems, including the Step-Clip™ hidden fastening system.

Kebony is an eco-friendly, modified wood

What is Step-Clip™ for Kebony?

Developed by Duralife® for the company’s composite decking profile, Step-Clip™ is a hidden fastener system made of durable plastic strips that take the place of screws or other fasteners. The Step-Clip™ system decreases install times by up to 50% and achieves a fastener-free and sturdy deck surface. It’s easy to attach to the joist, and there’s no pre-drilling, screwing, or spacing involved. The Kebony Deck Board is the only wood decking product approved for use with the patented Duralife® Step-Clip™ system.

what is Step-clip for kebony

How do you use the Step-Clip™ system?

Step 1: Place Step-Clip™ strip

If you have a tape measure, a box cutter or utility knife, and a nail gun, you can install Step-Clip™. Simply place the strip on your deck frame, nail it in place, and cut off any excess. There’s no need for additional power tools or joist tape, and the coil nails are included.

Step 2: Place Kebony Deck Board

Once you’ve set the strip, line your Kebony Deck Board up and secure it into the Step-Clip™ with your foot or a rubber hammer. The grooves in the strips will grab onto the grooves in the boards to hold them in place, and you’ll hear a click when they align. No screws or pre-drilling required.

Step 3: Repeat

Once you place the first set of boards, slide on the next Step-Clip™ strip and repeat until your deck is complete.

What are some tips for using Step-Clip™ for Kebony?

  • Ensure deck framing is square and true before installing Step-Clip™ strips. Re-decking on existing framing is not recommended.
  • Using a picture-frame deck design provides a clean, finished edge around the perimeter of the deck.
  • When not using a picture-frame deck design, installing one screw at both ends of each row of decking is required. These screws can be left exposed, or you can use the The Pro Plug® System by Starborn® with Kebony wood plugs.
  • Check your Step-Clip™ strip count against your required coverage to ensure you have enough Step-Clip™ strips and nails for your project.
  • Kebony Deck Boards are sold in even tallies across the lengths offered. For example, if you want to buy 200 linear feet, you'll need to buy four pieces of each length available (10',12',14', and 16') to get that total footage spread evenly across the available lengths. In this example, you'll end up with 208 linear feet.
  • There are two types of Kebony Deck Boards designed for use with Step-Clip™ strips: grooved on one side (outer boards) and grooved on two sides (inner boards). Before you begin, review your design to make sure you have enough boards of each type for their respective applications.

  • When cutting the decking, use a carbide-tipped, 24-tooth combination blade.
  • Use a sister joist when there’s a butt joint so each board end is secured by its own Step-Clip™ strip.
use a sister joist when there's a butt joint
  • Use two nails between each pair of clips spaced 3/4” from the clip.
use two nails between each pair
use Step-clip for Kebony for your next project.

The Step-Clip™ for Kebony system results in a beautiful and fastener-free decking surface coupled with a sustainable, long-lasting wood that doesn’t require staining or painting. It also comes with a 30-year warranty. For more information on Kebony and the Step-Clip™ System, visit the Kebony website.

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