A Legacy of Trust


"We're taking a moment to look back on our history and remind ourselves how you—our customers—have allowed us to become part of your community."

Todd Dermody

To our Dunn community,

As we start the new year, we want to take the opportunity to look back on our history as a family-run company and highlight something positive—the partnership between you and us.

You may (or may not) have seen the video attached to this post before—a 6 ½-minute compilation of old and new photos and video clips that tell a story. It’s a story of Dunn Lumber and how you, our customer, allowed us to become part of your community. It’s a story of how helpfulness, service, knowledge, and values have allowed us to become, and remain, a trusted business serving Seattle-area homeowners and contractors alike.

A legacy is anything handed down from the past, and this video reminds us of how building a relationship—between customer and lumberyard—has allowed us to carry on A Legacy of Trust.